The Aussie Test app

Prepare for the Australian citizenship test wherever you go with the Aussie Test iPhone app.

The Aussie Test app is the the latest product to help you pass your Australian citizenship test, and the ideal revision aid for anyone who wants to test their knowledge of the study materials. This app features hundreds of practice questions which use the same format as the official test.

Aussie Test offers practice tests drawn from a database of hundreds of questions based on all three of the testable sections of Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond, the official study materials for the test published by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

With questions in the same format as the actual test this app will let you familiarise yourself with the test and ensure there are no surprises on the day. After you complete each test you also get guidance on which questions you got wrong to help you focus your studies on the areas you need.

Now available from the iTunes store, the Aussie Test app is the latest way to help you pass your citizenship test with confidence.

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